Seargant York WIP loves your feedback!

Discussion in 'Brutal Honesty - Critique Center' started by thekoncepts, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. thekoncepts Member

    Hey guys,
    Here's my Alvin C York sculpt WIP from Zbrush, Maya and Marvelous Designer. Stills needs a lot of detail work with buckles, wrinkles, seams and various imperfections before printing on the form 2. Very interested in getting your feedback as I go along on any aesthetical or historical inaccuracies or imperfections. Love the forum and your feedback will be much appreciated!

    I'll get reverse shots in the near future!



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  2. Red Five Well-Known Member

    Looks great so far. Look forward to the next stage.

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  3. valiant A Fixture

    I like it - the only thing I would say is that the creases in the ammo pouches and the respirator case need reducing - theses were made from canvas webbing and are quite thick, so wouldnt crease too easily. Also, the respirator case on the chest needs to be more box-like in shape. These were quite cumbersome and had a large flap on the front with press stud fastens in the corners.
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  4. thekoncepts Member

    Thanks a bunch Andrew here are some more updates!

    Valiant- this advice is exactly what I was looking for! I'll provide more updates shortly.
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  5. thekoncepts Member

    Hey guys here are some updates. Test renders in Keyshot with a bronze shader really make some of the details pop I think. Still interested in feedback before going off to print!




  6. Landrotten Highlander Active Member

    I have very little experience sculpting - working on that now, got a few ideas of my own - and I think this figure looks good for the most part.

    I like the overall stance and outlook, as well as the level of detail put into your work.
    I have one remark, though: the ammunition cases and rucksack looks too 'cardboard box' to me - they remind me of an experience of my fathers' when he was in national service. All marches he was forced to participate in meant full gear (and the weight this entailed). But for his last march the corporal in charge informed everybody they could use any light material they wanted - boxes, hay, whatever - as long as the rucksack and ammo cases looked square.

    I think it would look much better if they had some 'weight' to them - perhaps some sagging and less square edges? Something that ties the smaller pouches to the larger back he carries in front - this one particular looks very realistic to me (you can almost guess what he is keeping in there).

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  7. Watcher New Member

    As an absolute novice in respect of sculpting but as someone who has worn webbing rather a lot I would echo the comments of others and suggest that the pouches show too many creases. Webbing is really very stiff and wouldn't show too may creases. Likewise leather if these are made of that substance. My only other instinct is that a soldier would very rarely carry a rifle muzzle down quite like that. I would perhaps bring the muzzle up a few degrees. The natural balance of a rifle like that (I own two) would make it balance at about 45 degrees. Hope this is helpful - I am in awe of your ability as a modeller.
  8. thekoncepts Member

    Thanks all for your valuable feedback and I totally agree. I'll make some adjustments before sending this to the printer.

    One thing I'm testing is retaining details in the print. One of the things I've been learning is that wrinkles and textile grain etc need to be exponentially deeper to see anything in the print depending on what scale I'm going at. I'm looking to print this guy around 7 inches or 17.78 cm tall. So at that size the wrinkles in the pouches wont come through nearly as much. Most of the fine details probably wont even come through even at 25 microns. At least that's what I've experienced in former prints.

    Does anyone have any tips on what scale would be best? I would like to pick a scale that is more popular if possible.

    I'll upload pics of the prints in the next day or so.

    Thanks again for the feedback!
  9. Mark Andersen New Member

    A good subject to choose I agree with some of the advise offered small changes but his stance could have been at the point of the rifle to which the Germans had to surrender and did War heroes a good subject ... keep it encouraged Mark Liverpool
  10. thekoncepts Member

    Hey Guys,

    I kicked off a preliminary print because I was anxious to see the overall quality at 25 microns. Still looking to implement more of your feedback into the next iterations. Apologies for my terrible iphone image quality. . .Again, please keep the comments coming.

    Anyone have any favorite MOH stories of other warriors they'd like to see me pursue in the future? I'm all ears!


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  11. thekoncepts Member

  12. Ong Active Member

    Wow, the print looks amazing! The helmet looks so smooth and the wrinkles look so natural. The layering of the detail looks exceptional....nice job!
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  13. valiant A Fixture

    Nice resolution on that - some details could do with referencing, esp the respirator case flap on the front. Have a look at the pic Ive attached...(y)

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  14. thekoncepts Member

    Thanks a bunch valiant. This reference I've been using has soldiers with the respirator bags flipped inward so the flaps are against their chests. I'm assuming to keep the masks from falling out when in action.
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  15. valiant A Fixture

    No - not sure why that is, there are references of the British Army doing the same, in both World Wars, but Im sure someone will tell us!(y) Nice sculpt nonetheless - will it be commercial?
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  16. Ray Mootsey Active Member

    Hello, in case I missed it, what scale will Alvin be done in? Thanks Ray
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  17. thekoncepts Member

    Haven't really decided which scale to go with yet. Any suggestions?
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  18. Ray Mootsey Active Member

    Hello, 75mm, or 120mm, would be nice. Ray
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  19. thekoncepts Member

    Not sure if I'll go commercial but I do have a properly vetted manufacturer Ill consider if the interest is high enough. Or I'll possibly do some casts for fun in my garage :)
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  20. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Very impressive.

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