WIP Critique Seaforth Highlander, Peshewar, 1931 Art Girona 54mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Old Man, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Old Man Member

    Taking another run at a figure.

    Here is what I have so far.



    I have tried for a tanned/sunburnt color on the skin, as this unit was in Palestine before going to Peshewar for operations against Afridi tribes in the 'Red Shirt' episode. A medium orange, a green-tinted buff , raw umber, and white were the basic palette, with small amounts of ultra-marine blue and black as well.

    I intend to move on to the the uniform and gear next. I like to think have managed some improvement in doing a face. Advice for improvement is always welcome, and appreciated.

    I had one bit of adventure with this. I don't spray much, and step out onto the porch when I do. I had the head attached before priming, and I managed to drop the figure on the porch. The head came off and scooted into a crack between the porch decking and the rear wall. A rather bad moment. I was able to spot it with a flash-light, and retrieve it with a long tweezers, fortunately....
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  2. Old Man Member

    Adding pictures as attachments, something is broken at the photobucket just now....

    IMG_9719.jpg IMG_9767.jpg IMG_9768.jpg

    Thanks to all for the 'likes'; it's kind of cheerful to see.
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  3. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Nice work so far. I might advise to occasionally try the helmet on the head to see how it looks. Undercoat the helmet in something dark then trial it. I can see why you kept it off as it eases painting, but bear in mind the potential for a face to look different once it's in place. (y)
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  4. Old Man Member


    Sounds like a good idea, Sir. I expect it will alter things a bit, and I have thought I would have to go back on the face a bit once it is on. There will certainly be shadows. I figured, at my stage in this, it would be best just to paint the face as well as I could 'straight' to start. I feel like just about anything I do at this point is mostly practice for the next one....
  5. Old Man Member

    Some more progress on this. The uniform is blocked in, and I adjusted the one eye that seemed a bit over-size and not quite on center...





    The basic color for the uniform is a Model Master acrylic, panzer dark yellow. I put on a couple of dark washes, one black, one dark green, before putting on the basic color, and did some early highlighting with yellow and white added to the basic color. I will use flatting agent in the next coats.

    On the (figure's) left eye, I re-positioned the iris a bit towards the nose, and narrowed things a bit top and bottom. Still not sure I like it, though, and suspect I will fiddle with it a bit more, on the inside corner.
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