Sculpting 1/35 figures...

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by T50, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. tiger111 Member

    Another Mike Good 1/16 figure............Great News!!
    How about a bit more teaser of info......................
    What is the new Master Piece's subject? D-day? Allied or Axis? I guess it doesn't matter; I am sure I'll buy this one also.
    Thank You for the reply. Anxiously awaiting another Alpine Master Piece..............
    The 1/16 Fallschrimjager you are doing the sculpting??
  2. T50 A Fixture

    The new 1/16 is another German. A German Infantry Officer to be exact.
    It's a quintessential Mike Good style.

    Yes, the new 1/16 Fallschrimjager is mine.
  3. amcairns A Fixture

    This is a great insight into 1/35 figures.I struggle with this scale and have always made hands "wet" with fresh Magicsculp.Frustrating even with making a hand/mitten template.
    I like the balance of your folds on the legs which accentuates the pose.So the thing is not to move on until a certain area is completely finished?.I am not the best finisher and it is something that needs work for me.
  4. T50 A Fixture

    Hmmm.... it depends. I used to try to finish an area at one go.
    It usually leads to much frustration and areas that are overly done.
    Now, I just let things happen. I can always come back after the putty
    is dried. This means that I get to move on to other areas and work
    the whole piece in a good balance.
    I hope I made sense...
  5. bonehead A Fixture

    Well, to completely contradict what Taesung has just said, I prefer to finish whatever parts I am working on as much as possible while soft. What I don't like doing is going back and carving, redoing or rebuilding parts that were not done properly the first time around. Sometimes it is inevitable though. But the less work I have to do, the happier I am.

    This particular figure, the German Officer described above, went pretty smoothly and I do not remember having to redo or refinish too much on it. Sometimes you get lucky that way.


    Oh yeah, and my hands are done using cast resin armature pieces for the palm alone. Fingers are either sculpted directly onto the hand, or more usually, the palm is drilled for wires and the fingers are sculpted over those, even in 1/48th scale. But the best times are when i can reuse a casting of a hand that I have already done before. When you do this for your full-time job, any cut corners are a blessing.

    There is more than one way to skin a cat. The only "right" way is to use the techniques that work for you. If something is not working for you, try something else.

  6. Andreas W. Member

    hey mike;)
    why dont you do an sbs;):p would be great to see!

    btw your white aves does look very clean all the time but mine gets a bit dirty when touching the dry figure. even if I thouroughly wash my hands.

    any tricks?

  7. Pekka Active Member


    Fabulous new German!! I must have it for educational piece for myself to teach me sculpting. Could I make it tax deductible...
    Great work again
    Pekka N.
  8. TWOMOONS Active Member

    Mike, just damn beautiful! As "Good' as it gets....
  9. ryall Active Member


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