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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jazz, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Jazz A Fixture

    Hi friends,

    I don't normally do World War Two. Its all a bit too recent for me. But recently I watched a brilliant series on tv about the formation of the SAS in 1941. I was impressed by the jeeps they used on their raids in north Africa so I thought I might step out of my comfort zone and have a go.

    I purchased a Tamiya 1/35 kit from my local Hobby Craft store for a tenner and off I went.


    First things first I constructed a base from an old scene I already had. I wanted the jeep to look like it was travelling down a perilous slope so using ready mixed plaster I built up the slope.









    I really had a lot of fun making this and intend to make more vehicles in the future. The only complaint I have about the Tamiya kit is the two figures that come with it. Being plastic they don't have the detail that we are used to and if I could have my time over I think I'd look for some higher quality resin figures. Other than that though I'm pleased with the result.


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  2. John Bowery PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nicely done and great idea. There was a couple of figures for this in resin, but hard to find. New World was the brand.
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  3. JonH Active Member

    Very nice. I'll bet Andy Cairns has got some figures that would suit this as well.
    Bit of a debate on MM as to whether 'L' Detachment jeeps carried sand channels or not.
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  4. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Hi John

    Nice bit of modelling there mate , like the base work , goes well with the subject itself ..painting looks good , shame about the figures in the box though ..perhaps replace them with better quality ones or convert pieces

    Thanks for sharing

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  5. Wings5797 PlanetFigure Supporter

    A nice little aside for you John.
    I know what you mean about the figures, I have this kit in a dark dusty corner somewhere. My thoughts are of either getting some heads and hands from Hornet or bite the bullet and get some figures and accessories from Andy Cairns.
    That said you have made a superb job of this,
    All the best
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  6. Scotty Well-Known Member

    Dragon do a set of SAS crew for these Jeeps I don't know how good they are. The rest looks great though.
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  7. Borek Well-Known Member

    Nice vignette, looks dynamically.

    Cheers Borek
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  8. peedee PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice one John....bringing it to Stoke next week ?

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  9. Jazz A Fixture

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Being a beginner to this field I have no idea what a sand channel is. Can anyone enlighten me?
  10. Jazz A Fixture

    Yes Paul, it will be one of the models I'm bringing to Stoke. Been painting like crazy to get everything ready for the show. Looking forward to seeing you and other Planeteers there.
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  11. chailey Active Member

    great work on the desert groundwork, perhaps the barbed wire could have been rusted up a little?
    I wouldn't mind having a go at a 120mm version....

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  12. Jazz A Fixture

    Thanks Steve. I'm still working feverishly on this and the barbed wire does need more work. I've put more wire on since the photos, spiralled wire this time, and I will add some rust coloured paint. Anyone have any tips regarding rusty wire? A 120 mm version would be huge. I'd never have the room to store it!
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  13. Scotty Well-Known Member

    Sand channels are the boards with the holes in on the back of the jeep, for getting it out of soft sand.
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  14. Jazz A Fixture

    Ok, thanks. This came with the kit so I included it. I've made a new nameplate omitting "L" Detachment.
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  15. mil-mart A Fixture

    Jon I like the step by step build by pictures. A great result and looking forward to taking a closer look at Stoke. (y)

    Cheers Ken
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  16. Jazz A Fixture

    Thanks Ken, stop me and say hello at the show.
  17. Stephan PlanetFigure Supporter

    much effort on the car and setting like it,
    but the hand of the driver needs a bit more effort on the moldlines
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  18. Jazz A Fixture

    I agree Stephan. Mistakes show up more on photos.
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  19. JonH Active Member

    Hi John.
    I've just seen that Swash Design have a couple of SAS figures that might suit this jeep. They cost 1800 somethings which might be good-or might not.
  20. chippy Well-Known Member

    I saw that program as well and thought it was brilliant as well . you have done a great job on this kit and the figures and the base work sets it off really well . lately I'm doing more 1/35th vehicles with plastic figures because you can get a good interesting diorama for very little cost .

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