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  1. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Hi Folks

    Time for me to share my thoughts and deliberations on a bust from 2016 from the korean company Nuts Planet .

    As always the release was announced here together with the box art and in Social Media

    The release has been out a while and has of course proved popular and for what reason , well one of the main I think apart from the QUALITY from Nuts Planet is the subject matter ...of course its a character from the blockbuster Game of Thrones ...a rather beautiful lady( IMO naturally!!) called Sansa Stark played by the actress called Sophie Turner who made her major acting debut in the series.

    The character is from the house of Winterfell and Sansa was born actually in Winterfell itself , many adventures befall our subject with in the series which has had many seasons , all avidly watched by no doubt millions worldwide.

    There are a further characters from the series all released by Nuts these include:
    000000000000.jpg 0000000000000000.jpg 00000000000000.jpg
    0000000000000.jpg a0.png

    Think you might recognise these !!!


    Continued in next post

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  2. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Onto the Resin now:

    Details of the release:

    Title: Queen of the North

    Reference: NP-B026

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 2

    Sculptor: Jun-Sik Ahn

    Box Art: Myeong-Ha Ahn

    As with all of Nuts releases the presentation is very classy , the distinctive blue box with bright clear text , and of course the box art both on the top and the side
    Nuts Queen 001.jpg
    Nuts Queen 002.jpg
    Parts were sandwiched between the usual thick and good quality foam layers and consist of just 2 ..the bust itself and a elongated base .
    Nuts Queen 003.jpg

    As we have only 1 piece to look at I anticipated minimal prep and was correct , this involved removing a casting plug fro the lower edge and some flashing from underneath the wolfs head and a bit of sanding to remove a slight raised line ...all very quick and very easy to complete in about 5 minutes .

    The base if you choose to use it should be pinned if you can

    This is a bust you can get straight onto which is good as prepping although vital is not waht we all like doing included!!!

    The bust depicts Sansa wearing a wolfskin around the shoulders with the wolf depicted in form on her clothing

    Nuts Planet are well known for the quality of sculpting and this is clearly evident in the work here .

    Looking at the hair , this is in my opinion really sublime work , the hair is worn long and plaited , 2 at the back of the head leading down to one which hangs over her left shoulder , lovely texture and very well cast , with so much detail washes are a great asset and of course getting the hair colour correct will be a nice session painting.
    Nuts Queen 009-001.jpg
    The face is of course very close to the character portrayed and therefore to the actress , perhaps the nose might be a tiny bit too long but that's a personal viewpoint and in no way detracts from the sculpt itself .

    The work on the eyes , mouth and ears are very cleanly worked and sharply cast making painting a lot easier ...a nice challenge as well getting the fleshtones right.

    Over her shoulder we have as said a wolf skin sitting very naturally with really very good work on the textures of the fur itself all over ,, the wolfs head is again a good area of sculpting with the nose and ears nicely done , as with the hair a lot of details but careful painting will really push this and make it "pop".
    Nuts Queen 013.jpg
    Leading onto a cloak , this again is well patterned , well detailed and cast again

    Her clothing is a dress up to her neck the female form underneath is displayed with skill , very nicely shaped , the clothing material has slight folds and movement with the top having a well detailed design running along the edge .
    Nuts Queen 012.jpg
    Beneath this we have a great very styled wolfs head embroidered onto the dress , this and the edging above are raised slightly and the pieces that make up the design all look really good , again as this is raised a asset when painting .
    Nuts Queen 012-001.jpg Nuts Queen 011.jpg Nuts Queen 010.jpg Nuts Queen 009.jpg Nuts Queen 008.jpg Nuts Queen 007.jpg Nuts Queen 006.jpg Nuts Queen 005.jpg
    The Base

    A elongated and nicely shaped piece of resin , fitting accurately into the perfectly smooth area underneath the bust , I would pin it or if you choose use a different display method like a brass rod.
    Nuts Queen 004.jpg Nuts Queen 016.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    As we all know this has proved popular and again Nuts Planet have provide a piece of sculpting that is excellent , painting will be a good challenge with the textures and the fleshtones and hair colour , QUALITY is gain very much the keyword and has continued with releases since .
    There are of course the others from the series and what a really nice display they make all together

    A good addition to the bench and then the display cabinet .....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Thanks to Nutsplanet for the Review model and to you all for looking in .

    For more details including great pictures go to the website at:

    or visit them and like at facebook :

    Finally lets enjoy some pictures of the unpainted

    and the box art


    Happy Modelling

  3. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice, which such a comprehensive detail in hair and embroidering. A sure winner (and a challenge!)
    Great review, indeed!
  4. swralph A Fixture

    You're spoiling me with all these great reviews Nap:).
  5. evl hmr Member

    I have been fortunate to see a few of these busts painted, and the face is very masculine, not like the actress at all, the rest of the detail etc is top notch, but oh that face :(

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