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  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi to you all,

    Amongst the companies we see in germany there is one that is run by a PF member ( Markus) the company is called SCORPIO MODELS , offering a good selection of scales both busts and full figures .

    Markus does everything from sculpting , casting to the boxart which we will see both here and with previous releases on the website
    In this review I will be sharing a release due very soon in January the subject is a Pirate Princess , now of course we all know there are recorded female pirates with the most famous was of course Mary Read and Anne Bonney .
    0000000000.jpg 0000000.jpg 0000.jpg 000.jpg 00000000.jpg
    Just imagine life on board with anything apart from men so a female would certainly be an attractions so no doubt they were adapt at fighting and use of the pistol .

    All ships had additional passengers no matter what the ship was , Navy or pirate ...I of course refer to rats !!!! lovely little disease carrying vermin and I am sure some were kept as pets!!!

    We have seen other sculpts of female pirate types all pretty in sculpt and that's whats we have here a sultry and curvy looking young lady ( and I use that word loosely!!!) armed with a pistol and with a "friendly" rat!!!!

    Books are readily available , the Osprey series have some good ones
    000aaaa.jpg 000aa.jpg 000aaa.jpeg with general reading ones being also available.

    000a.jpg 00.jpg 0.jpg
    0000000000.jpg 000000000.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets have the details of the release now:

    Title: Pirate Princess

    Reference: 10-002

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray resin and White Metal

    No of parts : 9 in total (3 Resin, 6 in W/M)

    Sculptor: Markus Eckmann

    Casting: Marcus Eckmann

    Box Art: Markus Eckmann

    Parts are in a good box with them being between foam layers and the smaller parts in a seal lock bag

    Scorpio Pirate Princess 001.jpg
    As you can see we have white metal includes , the use of this being a feature with Scorpio Models, Markus like to use this for the detail parts in this case these are the right hand( with pistol), hat feather, 2 parts of pistol mechanism, rats tail.
    The resin parts are main torso( with head) , right arm and the hat

    Scorpio Pirate Princess 002.jpg


    Main Torso: Sand the underside and remove casting line running up the side where arm fits

    Arm: Slight sanding of the arm and fit to torso socket

    Hat: Nothing needed

    Feather: Fit to hat ( hole thoughtfully provided )

    Pistol Hand: ..Sanding away the casting line running on the top

    Pistol Parts : Fit to pistol ( careful small !!! )

    Rat and Tail: Fit to shoulder

    Lets look at the parts

    Main Torso

    This consist of the torso with head ,long hair held under a bandana , short sleeved top these slipped over the shoulder revealing her shoulders and ample charms !!

    The facial features are delicate in form , looking slightly to the right ,her full lips being pursed out , the eyes have a heavy top lid ( to allow for the eyelash I believe ) , eye shape is good ,ears display 2 earrings , circular in shape on both sides.

    There is a bandana around the head tied at the back , nice;y done with the ends being slightly worn , what I like is that the top hair is sculpted as well , allowing the modeller the option of leaving the hat off ...nice idea that .

    Hair hangs down long in style in strands with the texture of these being sculpted.

    Her neck is long and enveloped in beads ( pearls ?) and a necklace , on the top we have akey on a string ...perhaps its for her chastity belt!!! ...or more likely a chest full of what every woman needs ...jewels and gold.

    Sleeves are puffed up on both sides in the style of the day , looking natural , the left arm is cast onto the torso , the dress and bodice is pulled in tight , nice clothing folds on the material with the buttons nicely formed.

    Scorpio Pirate Princess 009.jpg Scorpio Pirate Princess 008.jpg Scorpio Pirate Princess 007.jpg Scorpio Pirate Princess 006.jpg Scorpio Pirate Princess 005.jpg Scorpio Pirate Princess 004.jpg Scorpio Pirate Princess 003.jpg Scorpio Pirate Princess 010.jpg


    This is a thin arm in keeping with the sculpt , bare and at the wrist there is a cuff wrapped round, fit to the torso will need a bit of sanding , I would suggest pinning as well .
    Scorpio Pirate Princess 011.jpg


    After fitting the pistol mechanism I would again suggest pinning the hand into the cut out at the wrist , when in place it looks good, the pistol raised up meanancily .
    Scorpio Pirate Princess 015.jpg Scorpio Pirate Princess 016.jpg


    This is a large thing well shaped and in scale as well for the thickness , fit is excellent onto the sculpted hair , the front brim is turned up ( seen parts picture) opening up her face even more .

    Scorpio Pirate Princess 012.jpg


    A good representation of this item with the surface showing nice texture all the way up , fitting is easy by pushing into the hole in the hat itself.

    Scorpio Pirate Princess 017.jpg

    Rat and Tail

    I like this little fellow we have the body only which fits really nicely onto the shoulder itself , matching perfectly with the finely sculpted feet on the shoulder , the animals fur is well shown with the tail fitting in a pre drilled hole ( this will need slightly enlarging ) , I would have the tails hanging down her shoulder as well !!!

    Scorpio Pirate Princess 018.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    A nice subject displaying her ample charms very nicely , prep isn't too much , love the addition of the rat with some clever casting when fitting it . Painted up she will look good and dangerous and with her "pet" be a nice display piece as well . Painting can be as simple or as complicated you want it , fleshtones are the challenge here.

    A good release

    For more information contact Markus either via a message on PF ...

    or by e mail to:


    Thanks to Scorpio for the review piece and I look forward to sharing more from them very soon

    Happy Modelling

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  3. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the review. I was unaware of this release.
  4. clrsgt A Fixture

    This one looks like it would be a whole lot of fun to paint. I almost like her without the hat. Thanks for the review Nap.
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  5. Nicholas Ball Member

    I have known Markus for 3/4 years now, and he has some great figures. This is probably my favourite, but check out his ice hockey figure, it's really really good
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  6. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for a great review Nap:).
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  7. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looks promising... Fine work and thoroughful review!.
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  8. garyhiggins A Fixture

    Hi keV, I know of Anne Bonny, apparently she had what every pirate wanted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ?
    A Sunken Chest Boom Boom. :woot:
    Seriously though, HF anyone wanting even more inspiration than Nap's pictures, the Pirate classic by George MacDonald Fraser "Captain in Calico", is now available on Kindle (y).
    Thanks for a great review Kev,
    Happy new year, Gary :).
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  9. Oda A Fixture

    Another cracking review on a wonderful piece.I always admire the creative drive of people like Markus who have mastered all the stages of the figure making process.Hope this does well for him.And because I'd like to do justice to all involved....disease ridden vermin they were these rats but as fresh meat carries a small amount of vitamin C and rat meat was the only available fresh meat aboard many ships-at least between restocking stations-(all other meat was salted),these little fellows must have saved more than a few sailors from scurvy until lord Nelson took it upon himself to implement the findings of a scottish doctor (from many years before),ordering first the mediterranean fleet and later all british men of war to stock lime juice.

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  10. taliesin2013 Member

    very fine sculpt!
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