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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by samson, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. samson Well-Known Member

    i hope this doesn't stir the pot but i have a question about ( recasters) is i believe the correct term ? how do you know the difference ? i recently saw a post ( not here ) on a piece that came out awhile ago that i never purchased .and i thought it was a great price probably to good to be true . that's what i thought in the back of my head and something told me to pass it up which i did . so is that the only way to tell is by the price ? for someone like me that isn't really familiar with a lot of manufacturers . being at the world expo really opened my eyes to this the people that make all the stuff we love have just as much passion for making a piece and seeing it produced . i would have felt really shity to have bought that piece or any in the future .
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    Thanks guys
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    No not only by the price
    I myself bought the pair of dragoon sitting at a table by Poste Militaire at 10£ each on ebay last year badly painted but complete, no missing pieces .
    If the original is in metall and the seller say resin, it's a fake, if it's a resin bust low price, it's a fake ( they are easy to copy because mainly one piece casting )
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  6. Bailey A Fixture

    First of all, we all make mistakes. The important thing is to be aware of recasters and be skeptical when you see a deal that looks too good to be true. Or really just any online purchase from someone you don't know. Do your best to know the signs of likely recasts and try to avoid them. But, from time to time, people with the best intentions can be fooled by recasters into thinking they're buying a legit figure. If it happens, don't beat yourself up. Just learn from the experience and help warn others to avoid the same mistake.

    I will scan ebay looking for deals on second hand figures. I very rarely purchase kits from outside the US and typically look for postings where I can see a picture of the original box (and not just box art grabbed off the internet). You will occasionally find really great deals on legit kits. But best to be critical and double check the signs of a recast before buying.
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