New Release for June 2017(DG-Artwork)

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by DG-Artwork, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. DG-Artwork Active Member

    Dear All friends!

    DG-Artwork new release figure for June.
    This new release figure is Black Cohort # Canis latrans
    We are very proud to announce to all friends!

    DG-Artwork's original serise - Special Operation Forces
    Black Cohort- # Call sign : Canis Latrans(Coyote)

    Code : DG75F004
    Size : 1/24 figure
    Material : Resin
    Pieces : 9

    Sculpt & Box-art : Dae Hyeong, Kim

    'Black Cohort' is all fictional, the setting of a specific region, group, logo, or person is irrelevant to reality and is setting made for dramatic composition.

    This series is continue. coming soon..

    We hope to like it.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day.

    Best regards DG-Artwork

    DG-Artwork is with worldwide distributors.
    If have interested about dealership, please contact to DG-Artwork.
    We can help to connect distributors to your location in near your place.

    We are not alone, DG-Artwork
    dg75f004 1.jpg dg75f004 2.jpg dg75f004 3.jpg dg75f004 4.jpg dg75f004 5.jpg dg75f004 6.jpg dg75f004 7.jpg dg75f004 8.jpg dg75f004 9.jpg dg75f004 10.jpg dg75f004 11.jpg dg75f004 12.jpg
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  2. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Certainly an action packed looking figure there

    Thanks for sharing

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  3. newtonk Active Member

    Looks great, well done.
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  4. Ong Active Member

    Looks nice. Do you have a parts photo? I would like to see what pouches are on the tactical vest and how the M4A1 carbine looks. Thanks.
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  5. newtonk Active Member

    With a little work, this could pass as Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell. Yes, I'm a gamer, ok.
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  6. Reptor A Fixture

    Very nice piece, very dynamic position and very beautiful sculpture and painting ! (y):love:
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  7. Drenth Active Member

    It will be mine!!! Very coool !!! ...the hand shooting position is "special" ;-)
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  8. Superb bro, very dynamic.
    Best wishes :)
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  9. DG-Artwork Active Member

    Dear Sir,
    I attched pictures
    And explain about equipments
    Vest left side two m4 megs
    Right side one smoke one grenade one pistol pouch.
    Front two pistols three m4 meg one grenade and one radio pouch

    Right leg one pistol meg with pistol pouch

    Rifle m4 with silencer, hand grip, dot pointer.

    I hope to helped to your askings

    And sorry toolately reply.
    I did worked outside few days ago.

    Thank you

    Regards DG Artwork

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  10. Ong Active Member

    Thanks for the parts photos; they help a lot! I really like what I'm seeing. :)
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  11. Drenth Active Member


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