Mike's CanterburyMR MG Cpl by Tommy's War

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Mike - The Kiwi, Mar 19, 2017 at 4:32 AM.

  1. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Here's a few photos of this fellow.
    Will look at adding some more tomorrow if this would be helpful.

    Oh Yeah!
    I'm going to Euro Expo :)
    Hopefully will be helping Darren @ Tommy's War stand some how.
    Unfortunately won't be able to bring figures or busts.
    But looking forward to meeting some of you there.

    IMG_0803.JPG IMG_0800.JPG IMG_0801.JPG IMG_0805.JPG IMG_0799.JPG IMG_0798.JPG
  2. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    STUNNING no other words ...FABULOUS textures

    Chèverons ..great

  3. brian A Fixture

    Great stuff Mike.Is that a bush fly on his neck?
  4. Jimbo A Fixture

    Brilliant painting, fantastic!(y)
  5. SUPER ANTO Active Member

    WOW, WOW, WOW.....Stuning work. I haven't words to describe your work.
    Really good!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    Simply brilliant Mike. Better than a coloured photograph. Amazing work.

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  7. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Just stunning, superb painting of a soldier in the midst of muck and bullets.
    Dare I say your best yet.
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  8. alamac Well-Known Member

    Stunning piece of art Mike, superbly done my friend , he's breathing
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  9. Andrew Belsey Active Member

    Wow!!! More fantastic work from down under. Well done Mike and I'm looking forward to meeting you when you come up top!
    Andy B
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  10. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Unbelievable! (y)

    All the best,
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  11. clrsgt A Fixture

    A stunning piece of work; unbelievable brushwork and a fly on his neck to boot. The photos almost look like those of a live person.
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  12. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Yep added a trio of these flies Brian.
    They were infamous in the Gallipoli summer so wanted to try & replicate them.
    Couple more sucking on cr@p on right shoulder too ;-)

    IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0807.JPG
  13. megroot PlanetFigure Supporter

    amazing work.
    Finally gonna meet you at Euro.

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  14. Scotty Well-Known Member

    That's another cracker Mike, maybe see you at Euro. All the best.
  15. Borek Well-Known Member

    Fantastic!!! Great textures, leather is excelent. Awesome paintwork indeed!!!

    Cheers Borek :)
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  16. Jay-BFG Active Member

    Smashing stuff Mike
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  17. anstontyke Well-Known Member

    wow, i am going to have to get the dictionary out to see how many words i can now find to describe perfection.

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  18. Joe55 A Fixture

    Crickey that's incredible :wideyed:!!

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  19. phil_h A Fixture

    What is there to say? Another stunning, inspiring piece of art!

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  20. stoffy01 Well-Known Member

    Lovely looking bust, really sums up the time and place with the 'fly behind the ear'. You can almost feel the heat and humidity.

    Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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