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  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi everyone

    I was happy to receive this for review from Nuts Planet , the release was announced recently by the company


    The release continues in the popular range in the Ghost Company series of the Anti Robot Squad members which include a Sgt amongst others which I reviewed here:

    // .

    This is a bust I will look at but there are also full figures in the Anti Robot series .

    In my mind this and the Sgt would work well with the PMC bust as well

    0a.jpg 0aa.jpg 0.jpg

    Looks good together eh!!!...a veritable lethal rose between 2 thorns

    The series depicts warriors in a world that is battling with robots who are taking control and sometimes not being successful , they are fully armoured up and this time we have a female warrior to add to the squad .

    The subjects are obviously Sci-Fi and very much Cyber-punk in my opinion ....the subject matter allows the modeller to really go to town on both the weathering and the colour schemes that you to display

    Details of this release are:

    Title: Anti Robot Squad Sergeant

    Reference: GCB003

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of Parts: 5 Resin plus a transfer sheet

    Sculptor: Ki Yeol Yoon

    Box Art: Ki Yeol Yoon

    As you can see from the info the release and box art has been carried out by the very talented Ki Yeol Yoon so we virtually know what to expect in sculpting quality ....does it deliver well I think thats a definate YES .

    Unlike the 13 parts of the Sgt we have a smaller amount of 5 , the torso , the full left arm , the upper part of the right , a piece of shoulder armour and a base .

    Nuts Martika 004.jpg
    Nuts Martika 003.jpg

    The box is in the well known blue with colour pictures on both the top and one of the sides.

    Nuts Martika 001.jpg Nuts Martika 002.jpg

    As with all of Nuts planet stuff we are assured of good packing and presentation , this is no different , the resin packet inbetween 2 foam sheets with the transfer sheet being held in the lid in a clear bag.


    Again we see full thought in the positioning of the casting plugs to remove these include :

    Torso...One on the lower front edge

    Right Arm...One on the elbow and 2 on the head she holds.

    Left Arm...One at the back of the arm

    Armour ...One on the edge

    Base...Nothing unless you choose to reduce the height

    General Comments

    1.Absolutely minimal to prep up

    2.The casting is super smooth and flawless

    3. Underneath we have a hole to take the small base fitting or you could use it as a guide to drill a hole for a brass post.

    Nuts Martika 005.jpg N.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets look at the rein ...


    Well the first thing to say is that Martina is certainly well formed all the right area's ...LOL

    Nuts Martika 008.jpg Nuts Martika 011.jpg

    The armour pates she wears is segmented and shows very skilled sculpting with highly defined edges and undercuts throughout , this is emphasised by the really well done casting . .

    The arm sockets are clean and have locating holes for the arms

    Nuts Martika 006.jpg Nuts Martika 007.jpg Nuts Martika 009.jpg Nuts Martika 010.jpg Nuts Martika 012.jpg Nuts Martika 013.jpg Nuts Martika 014.jpg

    Martina ...nice name has her neck covered all the way up , perhaps protecting from the armour rubbing her flesh, the material is tight to her neck .

    Nuts Martika 015.jpg Bader 025.jpg

    The facial features have a very nice look about them quite sexy in style , lips held together , looking to her left , eyes open , a rather cheeky turned up nose it !!!!

    The sculpting of the features are very good indeed with strands of hair peeking out from underneath her head wear which is in fact a face protection mask resting on the top of her head , this allows the texture of the hair to show through between that and the communication pods on her ears .

    Nuts Martika 016.jpg

    Needless to sat the details are very angular and very well worked , I like the design of the ear pieces .

    As I look around this resin it really does prove that Nuts are one of the leading brands in our world ...its very smooth indeed and casting being as good as it gets in my opinion.

    Left Arm

    This is the full arm again well armored and again showing excellent sectioned pieces , together with movement pieces , the arm is thinning towards the wrists which leads to sectioned fingers ...not humanoid perhaps ....the fingers grip with pride her trophy ...a robots head , no doubt taken as a result of fierce combat with these sinister attackers now dead ..but how many more are roaming the wastelands she wonders ?

    The robots head has sunken eye sockets with a simple cut out for the mouth , the top is gripped well by the fingers ...a prize to show to the rest of the team .

    Nuts Martika 017.jpg Nuts Martika 018.jpg Nuts Martika 020.jpg Nuts Martika 021.jpg Nuts Martika 022.jpg Nuts Martika 019.jpg

    Right Arm

    This is just the upper part of the arm and again we have excellent and well worked sectioned armour , very cleanly cast .

    Nuts Martika 023.jpg Nuts Martika 024.jpg

    Fit of both arms to the torso is easy and assisted successfully by 2 small pieces which match spot on to the holes in the arm area.

    Small Armour

    This fits snugly onto the shoulder of the left arm , it has nice lining in of the sections and a "srew head" movement

    Nuts Martika 026.jpg Nuts Martika 027.jpg


    This is a squared post and more than suitable to fit to the underneath of the torso ...I would also pin it as well , if you choose not to use it then you can replace it with a brass rod of your size choice.

    Nuts Martika 028.jpg


    As you can see in the picture above we are given a wide selection of transfers to choose from the colours are fast and also cleanly produced with clear details , the transfers are water slide and easy to apply

    Lets have a couple of pictures less the small shoulder armour

    Nuts Martika 029.jpg Nuts Martika 030.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Nice to see a female included now in the Anti Robot Squad , bags of potential to do what you wish with the piece , weathering , damage , dirt the choice is yours.
    Sculpting is very good indeed this is equally matched by the casting , the resin flawless wnd with minimal prep what more can you ask for .


    Thanks to NutsPlanet for the Review model and I look forward to sharing more with you very soon

    For more information on this and all the products from Nuts :

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  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets finish this off with a couple of other pictures




    Awesome box art eh !!!!

  4. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for sharing a great review Nap:).
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  5. Nap Forum Moderator

    No worries Ralph

    Glad you liked it

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  6. Bohemond Active Member

    Amazing bust , and goood enough cast. :)
  7. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    I think there would be a market for that transfer sheet to be sold separately.

    Janne Nilsson
  8. Marco22 A Fixture

    great looking bust !

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