WIP Critique Marilyn Monroe 1/10 Bust

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by spinnerguy, May 16, 2018 at 10:13 AM.

  1. spinnerguy Member

    This Life Miniatures bust has been created a few times before on here,but this is my take.Not sure if I've bitten off more than I can chew.......
    The box art looks good,but the nose on the actual bust seems a tad too long.I have learned a lesson that these actual figures taken from real life are extremely difficult to replicate with satisfaction.

    I have started the head,which is just placed on the shoulders for the pic.The jacket badge may be altered by me to the simplified 2nd Infantry Divn motif,which is easier to paint!

    Your comments will be interesting,good or not so good.......[IMG][IMG]
  2. spinnerguy Member

    Some more progress made on the hair.....difficult to replicate dyed blond.Used all acrylics -white,yellow,tan and some gold.
    Hopefully,she'll turn out more Norma Jean than Jack Nicholson......
  3. Graham PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very difficult to do this so kudos for taking it on. The female face is tricky as is blond hair so a double whammy with this bust not made easier being such an iconic image either. On YouTube, the Painting Buddha team did the Nuts Planet ‘Shield Maiden’ and the section on the blond hair is the best tutorial I have seen for it. Might be worth having a look.
  4. spinnerguy Member

    I've looked at the vid Graham,even the professional painters seem to use more ready colours ,with not much mixing,and have a better choice of colours they can afford.
    Even the boxart seems to miss the mark with the correct hair colour,it seems more light brown - pics of Monroe at the time,show a yellow overall colour,and the hair style is totally different.
    Although we can all tell who the bust is,it is not an exact likeness, being sculpted.I think I need to realise this......for those of us who only paint as a hobby,we wont be losing customers if it doesn't work out ;)
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  5. spinnerguy Member

    Some alteration made to the hair colour,which I am now happy with.Jacket collar and jumper painted.Head will not be fixed until hand is painted.
    Jacket badges to be tackled next......
  6. Graham PlanetFigure Supporter

    Just catching up after returning from holiday. Yep the pros do have everything to hand but you will be amazed at how much you can do with mixing from a limited pallet. I never used to mix but have started to realise that mixing is the way to go.

    You will see a huge difference once the jacket gets blocked in. I never call a face finished until the rest is at least blocked in as it alters the contrast having the surrounding clothing painted.

    You may want to look at the eyes again. You could, if you wished, increase the size of the pupils.

    Keep at it (y)
  7. spinnerguy Member

    Many have viewed, but few commented,so thanks for your input Graham......
    Decided to call this one finished,by far the most difficult bust I have attempted.Went for a leather jacket look,and 2nd Infantry Divn (Indianhead) badges,that Monroe visited in her Korea tour 1954. Not the best pics,so apologies. .....
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  8. Graham PlanetFigure Supporter

    Like it. Not easy by any means but I think you have pulled it off nicely. Jacket looks good and has pulled it all together. What’s is up next?
  9. spinnerguy Member

    Next one is another iconic 1/10 bust .......Field Marshall Montgomery :cautious:
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  10. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Good on ya for having a go at this one.
    I think you've captured Marilyn's beauty especially in skin tones which are smooth & well done.
    Perhaps next time look at shape of pupils, these can really help set a mood.
    I don't move on until I'm happy with them.
    Nice to see another patch type on jacket too.
  11. yellowcat Active Member

    Regarding painting blonde hair, I never use gold at all. I use oil colour only.
    Underpainting with naples yellow and white. Overpainting and glaze with umber, ultramarine blue and white. Under paint the base/light colour first. This will be the highlight of the final process. Let the under colour dry thoroughly. Then wash (glaze) with dark colour. This will run into all shadow area. Final touch, highlight with light colour.
    Here is an example that I repaint 1/6 scale of Buffy the vampire slayer.

    B2.jpg sarah-michelle-gellar-03.jpg buffy1c1.jpg buffy2b1.JPG buffy3b1.jpg buffy5a2.JPG
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  12. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    I think you gave done a good job on her.

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