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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by napoleonpeart, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Hi again,

    As promised in my last review of a Scorpio release in which I said I would share more well here we are and what an interesting and a subject I have not seen before , one which shows a lifestyle we too often want to forget happened but still exists in various forms in today's societies across the world's country's.

    what are we looking at :


    I am sure many have read about the children that lived , worked and died in the dirty rat and disease infested streets of london in particular the east end.
    Doing jobs including climbing down chimneys , coal workers, cleaning sewers ,shoe shine, begging in fact anything that let them exist .
    I am sure you are aware of Fagin and his child gang of pickpockets , the artful dodger etc , all cheeky , perhaps some carried that great kids toy the catapult ...just for breaking windows or annoying .
    0aa.jpg 000000.jpg 00000.jpg 0000.jpg 000.gif 000.jpg 00.jpg 0.jpg 0a.jpg 000000000000.jpg 00000000000.jpg
    Here are a few good books to look at just to get you reading about the squalor and lives of these children.
    0000000000.jpg 000000000.jpg 00000000.jpg 0000000.jpg 0000000a.jpg 0000000aa.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Lets see what we are looking at

    Title: London Gutter Boy 1837

    Scale: 1/10th

    Reference: 10-003

    Material: Gray resin

    No of parts: 6 plus a piece of wire

    Sculptor: Markus Eckmann

    Casting: Markus Eckmann

    Box Art: Markus Eckmann

    Again we have the white cardboard box , with the parts between 2 thick foam layers , the wire was under the bottom layer, there is a box art picture in colour on the top .

    Scorpio Victorian 001.jpg

    Markus actually has carried out prep on the resin with possibly a little more sanding needed at the back , there was the remnants of a casting line on the side which needed an additional sand down .

    Dry fitting the parts revealed a good fit with just a touch of filler being needed at the arm to shoulder join , the head is designed to fit to the left but if you wish to choose another position ...looking forward for example then a small amount of sanding will allow this easily .

    Parts consist of the torso , the head , 2 arms , a hand with "weapon" and a cap

    Scorpio Victorian 002.jpg

    Looking at the parts initially , the overall look is of a rascal and a streetwise lad , living or rather existing from day to day , trouble making in all his waking hours ...I love the subject matter...very much a Dickensian character.

    Lets look at the resin


    A lucky lad indeed he has a jacket , large buttoned not too ragged either , with a under garment ( waistcoat or shirt) with a scarf tied round his scrawny neck ..., the cloth is very nicely sculpted , the collar flopping onto his shoulders , nice folds and undercuts , buttons are well shaped ,a nice touch is that not all have the thread holes the same way .
    The button holes are all done well with the edges of the coat having slight wear .
    Scorpio Victorian 003.jpg
    Scorpio Victorian 006.jpg Scorpio Victorian 005.jpg Scorpio Victorian 004.jpg

    Fit to the torso is good for both, the right arm is slightly angles with the hand being in place , both have again nice folds with wear and tear on the edges of the sleeve cuffs ....
    ...whats this we see in his hand ..........ammunition for his catapult !
    Scorpio Victorian 015.jpg Scorpio Victorian 016.jpg

    A young looking boys face ...I see him all dirty with freckles , hair is hanging ragged , unkept and I am sure not!!! Markus again has sculpted well the innocent facial features of his youth ...will he live to manhood ...I doubt it ......the nose pushes slightly up , mouth clamped tightly shut , lips are full , eyes again have the upper lids larger to allow fro the eyelashes to be shown ...a clever idea in my opinion , ears are nicely formed and quite large but in scale on the sides of the face .
    The resin surface is really smooth assisting in the painting .
    Scorpio Victorian 010.jpg Scorpio Victorian 009.jpg Scorpio Victorian 008.jpg
    Scorpio Victorian 007.jpg

    Perhaps stolen velvet cap , large with heavy folds , pulled over to the right at a jaunty style ,the peak is nicely formed with a wide band going round the middle , fit is spot on to the head , and adds a lot to the piece , you could of course sculpt yourself a battered top hat!!!
    Scorpio Victorian 014.jpg Scorpio Victorian 013.jpg Scorpio Victorian 012.jpg
    Scorpio Victorian 011.jpg
    The Catapult weapon

    This is every boys dream , easily made , and accurate ...and yes I did have one when I was younger , you will need to add the "power" to it ie the wire its a nice "Y" shape , held tightly in his left hand , a good fit as well .
    Scorpio Victorian 018.jpg Scorpio Victorian 017.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    A really nice release to choose , unusual and well sculpted , lots of conversion potential , and lots of fun weathering the piece up , a good release and addition to the Scorpio catalogue

    Well done to Markus and Scorpio Models for stepping out the normal subject matter .

    Lets have alook at some more of the box art from Markus:

    aaa.jpg a.jpg aa.jpg

    For more information contact Markus either via a message on PF ...

    or by e mail to:


    Thanks to Scorpio for the review piece and I look forward to sharing more from them very soon

    Happy Modelling

  3. Babelfish A Fixture

    Certainly an unusual subject. About to steal a silk handkerchief off a top-hatted gentleman no doubt, and then break into an extended song & dance routine in the market place with his pals.

    - Steve
  4. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Nap:).
    napoleonpeart and Markus like this.
  5. Nicholas Ball Member

    It's nice to see that Markus has also included the wire for the catapult, a small detail but considerate, saves time trying to sort it from the over junked garage!!!

    An interesting subject, unusual and very well done. Will be interesting to see this and the pirate lass at Ransart next month.

    1st photo is a bit blurred Kevin, please try harder! Hahahaha
    napoleonpeart and Markus like this.
  6. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Hi Nick

    Thanks for pointing that out I have reduced the picture but all the others show the nice sculpting give my best wishes to Markus at the show

    Nap (promise to try harder)

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