Review Harald Hardrada ....the bust ....from RP Models

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi everybody

    Well this time we are looking at the bust version of the latest release from RP Models , of course set up by our very own Hugo Pereira .

    There was of course a 75mm full figure which I reviewed here : *

    The bust release was announced here and in social media

    RP as a company and especially Hugo are also known for the fact that they listen to suggestions and idea's from the market and the potential customers and that has been acknowledged by this on the box itself ...a nice touch and thank you to Hugo ....for me I enjoyed the research I did and am pleased it was of use and I certainly learnt a lot !!!

    RP BUST 002.jpg

    As I reviewed the 75 mm figure I would suggest you use the link marked * above to have a look at the information I included to avoid repetition here.

    RP are well known and respected for the quality of details and textures that they strive to get into every release ..........

    I ask myself would this continue with this release .....well a most DEFINATE & RESOUNDING YES !!

    I have taken a lot of pictures to do this review slightly differently ...allowing the pictures to do the talking with my own personal thoughts where appropriate

    Details of the release:

    Title: Harald Hardrada ( Ancient World Series)

    Reference: HRP - B -01-0001

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 13

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting YS Castings ( Yiannis )

    Box Art: N/A

    After looking at the figure I was intrigued with the box size in front of me of the bust ....the first thing to say is ...its a big box for sure !!!

    RP BUST 001.jpg

    Contents are the same as the figure in the same configuration of main torso , 2 arms , head , neck mail , cloak , Sword in hand , bird in hand , burning cord , scabbard, axe ,dagger , shield , no base is included .

    RP BUST 003.jpg

    RP BUST 005.jpg

    Nice to see the sword blade in a protective covering as well

    We also have a insert with the history and a picture RP BUST 004.jpg

    The figure is cut off at the lower torso in a straight line

    As this is a 3D sculpt the details all over are of course the same but very much more seen


    This is an easy thing to do with small remnants of casting on the lower torso , small casting posts at the upper arm on the torso and one on the underside of the cloak , when fitting the cloak a small amount of filler was needed on my review piece.

    RP BUST 006.jpg

    You will need to fit the arms , hands, scabbard, dagger and burning cord together with neck mail and head ....again all easy to complete with the minimum of fuss and work.

    In this part we shall look at the largest of the body parts

    The Main Torso

    Looking this screams skill using 3D and skill in casting to ensure all the fine work is cast correctly

    Even more noticeable in the bust is the textures of the belting , wonderful to say the least will certainly enjoy the painting here ...but not only here ...the whole look of the armour is so accurate that you could almost take it off .

    At the neck the lucky amulets and charms are more defined and showing great detail

    The front part of the cloak is cast on and looks even more quilted in appearance

    The buckle work is good , sharp in definition ,with the small pouch/purse so full looking its tempting to cut it off the belt for the gold inside , the surface texture again is clearly seen .

    The mail shows up even better in this scale here's an imprint of this in blu tac...good eh!!!

    RP BUST 037.jpg

    Lets look at the pictures ....

    RP BUST 007.jpg RP BUST 019.jpg RP BUST 011.jpg
    RP BUST 008.jpg RP BUST 009.jpg RP BUST 010.jpg RP BUST 012.jpg RP BUST 013.jpg RP BUST 014.jpg

    Detail shots:

    RP BUST 015.jpg RP BUST 016.jpg RP BUST 017.jpg RP BUST 018.jpg

    One word really....WOW!!!!!

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Now to some the remaining pieces

    Again I will use the same format as before looking at the head , neck mail , arms , and the cloak

    Head & Neck Mail

    This is without doubt a veritable musical of detail all over the helmet , stunning designs are to be seen even more here in each of the sectioned helmet , all well cast and absolutely no miscasting , we can admire the craftsmanship not only of the artists involved but also the ancient armourer and the skill they knew to make helmets like this , we are also able to be amazed at the central piece running fore and aft as well as the eye and nasal protectors both again showing lovely details.

    RP BUST 025.jpg RP BUST 026.jpg RP BUST 027.jpg RP BUST 028.jpg RP BUST 029.jpg RP BUST 031.jpg

    The facial work shows up even more here with the beard being almost needing cutting its that lifelike and no blemishes or air holes or defects anywhere.
    RP BUST 030.jpg

    The mail itself sits well into the cutout at the back of the neck and snaps into position accurately and with ease , again we have the same detail on the actual mail. RP BUST 047.jpg

    RP BUST 045.jpg RP BUST 046.jpg


    These are in the same position as the figure and again excellent detail work on the mail , with the lower arm protection being well defined and the backing of the plates having the texture m the ties are well done and look so good you can almost see his servant putting them on

    Fit is not an issue with no filler needed .

    RP BUST 032.jpg RP BUST 033.jpg RP BUST 035.jpg RP BUST 036.jpg

    RP BUST 034.jpg


    Again we see a very luxurious garment the quilting is even more noticeable , there is a slight casting line on the left edge but easily dealt with and I only noticed it with my optivisor . The pattern continues on both sides and both with the same amount of care., the sections are all held in place by stitching , folds are natural and there are the belt ends of the shield ...again textures are the word of the day and what good to see is that they are all in scale thickness

    Fit is the same format as the figure , sitting onto the shoulders well and in place by a male/female piece on the inside.

    RP BUST 020.jpg RP BUST 022.jpg RP BUST 021.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    On now to the remaining parts


    This is a large and very strong looking piece of his armoury , the designs are first class and all shout out ..." look at me I am Harald Hadrada...attack if you dare"

    The definition of the design is very very good , proud from the shield and I love it really looking forward to getting some paint on this .

    In the centre we have the heavy boss of metal , dented and cut by combat again textured , held in place by well worked studs a total of 6 .

    Looking at the actual shield surface ...2 words ..TEXTURE, TEXTURE ...with the growth rings of the donor tree trunk being clearly seen .

    Turning it over on the reverse we are given even more textures this time of the cross wooden pieces ...really well done again.

    The shield is a statement of the power of Harald and his prowess as a warrior respected and hard fighting

    Fit is simple with the outline shape of the cloak worked into the rear of the shield , in place it matches up perfectly with the straps cast onto the cloak .

    RP BUST 052.jpg RP BUST 053.jpg


    These are again nice pieces the scabbard again having textures between the securing bands that run along its length , the heel has a metal shaped piece on it

    RP BUST 039.jpg

    Fit is by a small plug that fits well into a cutout

    The dagger is sheathed in the scabbard with fit being the same as the sword scabbard , the details on thedagger handle are entwined with swirls and loops , the actual scabbard also having the same , 2 securing straps are in place which fit cleanly to the belt pieces .

    RP BUST 049.jpg
    Sword with Hand

    Another good bit of work here , the pommel of the sword has a design on it , the grip being held tightly into the hand itself , the cross guard is typical of those found , moving to the blade this is a very good shape and not needing any work to get it straight ... like that ...its has sharp edges as well!!!

    The hand is again good with the veins straining at the gripping of the sword , finger work is good with the nails being nicely sculpted , fit again is simple to effect .

    I might consider putting the handle to the actual sheath and replace it by the long axe when I get mine to the bench!!!

    RP BUST 040.jpg RP BUST 041.jpg
    RP BUST 042.jpg RP BUST 043.jpg


    This is very long and very much in use in battle feared by all who came against it and I don't blame them , the wooden handle is heavily worked with the wood effect , the axe head ...again we see textures and a rather sharp and knocked blade edge ..I wonder how many heads this sent to Valhalla !!
    RP BUST 051.jpg

    RP BUST 050.jpg

    Bird with hand and burning cord

    This is even better in this scale the details on the wings are very sharply done each feather being clearly visible , this bird could almost fly away , the detail continues on the tail and the head , beak as well as the body feathers.

    The hand that holds it securely but gently is almost open ready for it to fly his next but then to death with the fire he carries in fear . The work on the slightly open fingers are as I look at my hand , ..excellent positioning in respect the bird.

    RP BUST 055.jpg RP BUST 056.jpg RP BUST 054.jpg
    RP BUST 057.jpg
    The cord and flame again is good and fits easily ..a challenge to paint this correctly and effectively but what a result you will have.

    RP BUST 058.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    What to say really but this is in my opinion the best I have seen RP do , details and textures are everywhere , casting is really very good indeed , fit and the thought that has gone into it is excellent ...I can do nothing more that say get one while you can ....I am off to prep mine up !!

    Congratulations to Hugo and all the team at RP and that includes you dear readers so have a pat on the back for helping along the journey

    For more details contact:

    or you can contact Hugo via this site

    Thank you for looking in on this little viewing up hope you found it of use and interest


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  4. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello my GOOD FRIEND Kevin

    What a review... CONGRATULATIONS... You expose everthing and this is the best way to believe in RPmodels... In RP we dont have afraid to expose ourselfs... We believe in our work, but most of all... All of you believe in OUR WORK... And this is the best example, when people helps us, the final result is this...

    I want to express my public gratitute to yourself, and to your work and patience...

    And this is the best... The figure and bust is SOLD OUT... Its finish and the Edition is close... So lets start to think in finish my graduation and in next figures... LOL... LOL... Something HOT is coming...

    Thank you so much for all my friends and a Special Thank you to you my GOOD FRIEND...

    Big ugg and take care.
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  5. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Not sure about the sword and the axe shaft looks pretty ropey, but otherwise an outstanding kit.

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  6. David Goudie New Member

    In my opinion, Hugo's work is second to none.
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  7. Nap Forum Moderator


    Hi Mike

    The sword is based on original examples from Norway as for axe it's a big piece and doesn't actually fit anywhere on the figure , think Hugo added it as its a weapon used and seen ..option of using it within the base possibly ..mine ..I have plans !

    The surface texture could easily be taken back a bit by sanding if you wish ....or just put it in the spares !

    Appreciate your comments always

  8. TERRYSOMME1916 Well-Known Member

    A masterpiece that will set the bar high for other companies producing resin figures and busts and with so much detail this will be a real challenge for us painters, just cant wait to see the first one finished.
    Keep up the great work RP.
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  9. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the comments as always comments will be noted and Hugo will welcone them

    I believe when Hugo says SOLD OUT he means to his trade customers and pre orders so go to your nearest trader like SK Miniatures and El Greco Miniatures in UK

    Remember when the traders have some out that's it no more

    Happy painting

  10. MCPWilk A Fixture

    The sword is excellent. I meant (but obviously got confused due to brain strain!) that I wasn't sure about the bird. A superb half figure otherwise. The detailing is quite superb.

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  11. Borek A Fixture

    Great review, as always Nap :).

    Pretty half figure. Wonderful attention to detail. The only thing that does not fit me is the ring armor (as already written on FB). Definitely at this scale and at this level of execution could be created better and more realistically. In all other aspects, it's a great sculpture ...

    Cheers Borek
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  12. clrsgt A Fixture

    An excellent review as always. What a challenge painting this bust will be. The detail is absolutely amazing. Every time I take out my 75mm version to look at, the farther up my project list it moves
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  13. Wayneb PlanetFigure Supporter

    Excellent review and super detail but totally unrealistic...... Sorry...

  14. Nap Forum Moderator


    Hi Wayne

    Glad you like the review everybody is entitled to their thoughts of course but I am sure Hugo woukd be interested in your thoughts as I would

  15. Wayneb PlanetFigure Supporter

    Why should I have to explain the obvious? All you have to do is refer to your reference pic. But since you're asking;.the repetitious hair flow on the beard and the lifeless feathers on the bird...the unrealistic woodgrain and the chain mail on the arms look like a sock....the metal work on the scabbard looks like iron and the helmet just looks plain......C'mon ....I'm sure Hugo's a nice guy but I'm just calling it as I see it. You learn by doing the job. Unfortunately this job is done by computer and machine......So....let them learn a bit more.
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  16. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Wayne

    Thanks for your thoughts I am sure Hugo will appreciate your personal thoughts and it's good you do so ...always learning as I am sure Higo will say .

  17. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Wayne

    Thank you for your words... You are very kind...

    Nevertheless I can agree with you... For me its a bit strange when I readed your comment... The Harald Hardrada is a viking, but the history that we catch is when was at service to the Byzantium King... Vangarian Guard... And the gear its completely different... Very different... And its strange because all reserch work was provided for people that are re-enactment, and send me real photos of the gear, equipment and what we did? Use them of course... This kind of information is the best way to work with accuracy... And of course I personnal read many books, like osprey and so one... This is the part of the work that I love... Of course I love the anatomy and all the figures are checked by my self, because all the figures are developed nacked and I check everthing, the muscles, and I play with adrenalin harmon and other, and another things that are irrelevant... But of course they are very important for the sucess of the figure...

    The best thing is this... The all Edition is gone, and the last figures available are in our partners, so I believe people liked because of the tremendous sucess of the figure...

    About the bird... Its strange too... We used a bird of Sicily and they are very similar... Very... I will put some photos in attachement for yoy can see it... I hope you like and enjoy...

    About the 3D...I thing and in my opinion you have a wrong idea, but again, its just my opinion... In the 3D you have to do everthing... The computer dont do nothing... You dont push the botton and its done... Its a wrong idea... You start from beginning... The only difference you have everthing clean because there arent no putty and there are no smell too... And i think 3D its more difficult than tradicional way... Because in tradicionalk way we see everthing in real time, and in 3d you have to wait the print... Many times in the past we had to print again and again, because the result wasnt good... I remember Lord Lovat... We printed 11 heads until we understand the deep of the 3d modelling and the print... The 3D its just a TOOL nothing else... Many people are changing and I hope in one day you can believe in 3D... Everthing is changing very quickly... In emergency of the hospitals for example, if you have a cut we dont put any straps... We put a special glue... Its true a GLUE to join the parts of the wound...

    Thank you so much for your patience and I hope you dont mind I share my opinion too... If you need something, just tell me... I will do the best I can...

    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  18. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    The photos that I told you...

    Harald Hardrada Pisa1.jpg

    Harald Hardrada Pisa2.jpg

    Harald Hardrada Pisa3.jpg

    I hope you like and enjoy...

    Once again, Thank you for your words.

    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  19. Wayneb PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hello Hugo,
    I must say, you are a real champ when it comes to handling critique. If you're going to sell your wares to the public you have to have a thick skin and be open to the good and the bad and sometimes it's not all good. I looked at this piece for the longest time before I said anything but I can't take away what I feel is an honest opinion. But it's just "my opinion". I seriously doubt that it will detour you from continuing to improve to do better works. So with that being said I will say onward and upward and maybe someday you will make everyone happy.
    Thanks for your honest and gentle response. Maybe we will meet someday and I will buy you a beer and you can give me a free model........ O.K. I'll buy two beers...:)
    Best regards for continued success.

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  20. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Wayne

    Thank you Sir... I hope in the future continue to improve... And this is the best way to continue... And maybe we can do everthing that will be every one happy and satisfy... The beers its a great choice...

    Thank you Sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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