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  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi everyone

    The company Altores Studio continue to release figures in their ever growing catalogue with another figure of a crossbowman

    The release was announced here :

    The subject:


    This is the box art painted by STANISLAV KURILENKO


    This release makes a good addition with the other crossbowmen as well 00000.jpg

    Facts and information about the Medieval Crossbow
    The weapons used during the Middle Ages included the Crossbow. The correct term for a crossbow is an Arbalest.

    The crossbow was easy to use, requiring minimal training and required little strength to operate.
    00.JPG 0.jpg 0a.jpg 0aaaaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaaaa.jpg 00000000.png
    0aaaa.jpg 0aaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaa.jpg
    A0A.jpg A0AA.jpg
    A crossbow had a wooden stock generally made from yew ash, hazel or elm and coated with glue or varnish

    The 'bow' was made of made of wood, iron or steel with a span of 2/3 feet

    The crossbow string was made from hemp as it was the strongest and least elastic fibre available at the time , it was soaked in a glue against moisture

    The string was pulled back by using a lever or winding a crank on a ratchet - a windlass crossbow
    By this mechanical method of 'drawing' the string far more tension could be gained than be muscle power alone.

    The crossbow bolt or quarrel was laid in a groove on the top of the stock and the trigger pulled

    There were two or three notches to rest the thumb which could then be lined up with the bolt forming the crossbow sight

    The Crossbow could be carried ready loaded with a bolt (unlike a Short or Longbow)

    Crossbows were easier to aim than short bows or longbows and required less upper body strength to operate the weapon in order to kill a Knight in full armour

    The main disadvantages of the crossbow were the expense and time to manufacture and the slow firing rate.

    From the crossbowman's point of view its main disadvantage was his vulnerability whilst reloading the crossbow. He needed protection and a tall shields called a Pavise was developed for this purpose

    The Crossbow versus the Longbow
    The crossbow range was 350 – 400 yards but could only be shot at a rate of 2 bolts per minute. The crossbow was easy to use, requiring minimal training and required little strength to operate. But it shot too few bolts!

    The longbow launched arrows faster than any previous bows. A skilled longbowman could release between 10 - 12 arrows per minute - but required considerable training

    Books are readily available not only on the armies and soldiers but also on both ethe long and crossbow.

    AA000000.jpg AA00000.jpg AA0000.jpg AA0.jpg AA00.jpg AA000.jpg 000000.jpg 0000000.JPG


    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    On now to the resin

    Title: European Crossbowman 14th Century

    Reference: F-75-028

    Scale: 75mm

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    No of parts: 11

    Sculptor : Igor Kordyukov

    Box Art: Stanislav Kurilenko

    As with all the releases the resin was well packed in bags and in between thick foam layers , the box itself is the usual Altores layout , black box with the distinctive yellow writing with the review box having a full unpainted version on the top ( the box art has since been completed see above picture)
    Crossbow 001.jpg
    Parts consist of the main figure ( less hands ), , sword ,sword belt, crossbow itself with left hand , the mechanism consisting of 2 parts ,a quiver , a crossbow bolt , a longbow arrow , right hand and a base.

    Crossbow 002.jpg


    Main figure..Slight sanding of fine casting lines and fit to base if used , remove casting post from left arm end

    Crossbow...Remove from former

    Mechanism...Fit to crossbow

    Right hand ...Remove formers and fit to torso

    Sword/Belt ...Remove former and flashing and fit to figure

    Quiver...Remove former and fit to figure

    Cross bolt...Remove former fit into mouth

    Longbow arrow...Remove former and fit to base

    Base..Remove casting excess from edge and underneath.

    As always fairly minimal prep is needed , the mechanism is a little fiddly to place perhaps a small diagram as to positioning might be an idea but looking at the pictures should be enough .

    Main Figure

    This is the largest pieces of resin consisting of the full body , our subject is well equipped wearing a sallet type helmet , mail and a well padded gambeson , he also has long tight trousers to his legs , on his feet there are shoes reaching to his ankles.
    Crossbow 003.jpg Crossbow 004.jpg Crossbow 006.jpg Crossbow 007.jpg Crossbow 008.jpg Crossbow 009.jpg Crossbow 005.jpg Crossbow 013.jpg Crossbow 010.jpg Crossbow 011.jpg Crossbow 012.jpg

    The helmet is nicely shaped with rivet details . reaching down at the sides correctly , the helmet fits close to the head , under which we have a mail head covering , this is nicely rendered with the mail links looking accurate , he also wears a mail shirt which is evident with the half sleeve , under this we see the nicely worked padded clothing .

    Over all of this there is more protection with a tie up coat , the details of the plates inside are good with the rivets being well shown , I particularly liked the ties they all look good and are hanging correctly pulling the 2 sides together at the middle .

    Running across his chest is a thin strap with a nicely worked buckle which leads to a bag.

    Wearing tight fitting trousers , these are well worked in respect the wrinkles and folds at the knee and the ankle , the calf muscles also show , which is a nice touch.

    The shoes are really nicely done , folded over at the tops offering some protection against the harsh campaign conditions under foot.

    Facial features are well sculpted with the teeth gripping the bolt when in position , as its surrounded by the mail headpiece just the front to paint ...eyes and nose are well represented with nice work on the mouth area .


    This is an excellent representation of the early weapon , loaded by pulling on the string with a hook rather than a windlass , this is very nicely sculpted with the actual string held back in the upper mechanism itself , underneath there is the actual release trigger , nice rivet details are in place with the string being in scale the actual bow curve is good .
    Sculpted onto the stock of the weapon is the left hand again well worked , gripping tightly , nice finger work here ...easy to fit ,I would suggest pinning as well . when in place it sits nicely being held ready to take the bolt that the fellow is going for that he holds in his mouth

    Crossbow 014.jpg Crossbow 015.jpg Crossbow 016.jpg


    A long heavy looking sword , in its scabbard , good shape and style that is often seen , fit again is easy , you will also have to fit the belt ( this is the one on the right in the picture below) .
    Crossbow 020.jpg

    Remaining pieces

    The crossbow has 2 side pieces that need fitting ( on the left with the sword belt being on the right here ) , bit delicate to fit if you have big fingers but looks good in position
    Crossbow 017.jpg

    The Right hand , nicely sculpted holding the hooked pull for taking back the string ( be careful removing the casting post ) , he holds it and is just about to reach up to take the bolt from his mouth

    Crossbow 019.jpg

    There is also a quiver , rather nicely done with bolts well sculpted inside , a good shape , this could be leather or cloth .
    There is also 2 arrows , one the smaller fits to his mouth , the other has hit the ground he stands on...very close ..too close for conmfort from a enemy longbow!!!

    Crossbow 018.jpg

    The Base is oval in shape , slightly textured with locationg holes for the figure and the arrow , I suspect most will use additional groundwork as well .
    Crossbow 021.jpg

    Final thoughts

    This is another good addition adding more variety to the crossbowmen figures , all being in different poses as well , painted up and grouped they would look great , if you choose not to do that then individually this is a nice bit of sculpting , well detailed as with the others and well presented by a company that has really made its mark on our hobby very fast indeed ...long may it continue .

    The scale is very good to work in as well , casting is good with the features of the piece being well seen hesitation in recomending this and any of the items I have reviewed.

    Lets have some more views of the unpainted piece from the website

    aaaa.jpg aaa.jpg aa.jpg

    For details on this and more from them :



    They are also a member of FaceBook and the forum here on PF

    Thanks to [IMG] for the review piece

    And of course a big thank you to all for looking in

  3. mortier Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this great reviev,Igor is a fantastic sculptor and has done a masterpiece
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  4. Tommi A Fixture

    Very nice review and I ordered one based on this

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  5. clrsgt A Fixture

    Excellent review Nap. Altores has added another excellent figure to it line.
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  6. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for sharing a great review Nap.:)

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