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  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi everybody ,

    Scorpio Models are based in Germany and run by Markus Eckmann who not only sculpts and casts he also paints .

    One of the releases was a rather dynamic and action packed bust of a Cossack Officer which I was sent for review and now languishes in my GA ready to move into line to my bench !!!

    Prior to that we were treated to an amazing SBS by PF member Martin Rohmann who is known for his excellent work on Cossacks figures one of which you can enjoy fully here :

    In the meantime Markus also painted a rater nice version so that's what I will use as my header picture


    Cossacks have a fearsome reputation not only for their fighting abilities but the amazing dedication to their kind , all through history we see incredible feats of bravery , weapons that are incredible in the work on them amongst them swords, daggers and belts all with beautiful metalwork , all proudly passed down the generations from father to son .

    000a.jpg 00a.jpg aaaaa.jpg aaaa.jpg aa0.jpg aaa.jpg
    Swords are razor sharp with the cossacks wielding them with skill both in training displays and in battle , the distinctive fur cap being worn with pride.

    Books are many of course here are a few:

    0.jpg 0000.jpg 0000000.JPG 000000.jpg 00000000.jpg 000.jpg 00.jpg 000aa.jpg 000aaa.jpg 00000.jpg z.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    As Martin did such a splendid job with research on his SBS then I refer you to that for excellent information but for now here are a couple of reference pictures from me which I hope you will find useful .

    0a.jpg 0aaa.jpg 0aaaa.jpg aa.jpg
    0000aa.jpg a.jpg 00000000000a.jpg
    0000000000a.jpg 000000000a.jpg 000000a.jpg 0000000a.jpg 00000000a.jpg 0000000aa.jpg 00000a.jpg 000000aaa.jpg 000000aa.jpg aaaaaa.jpg aaaaaa0.JPG 0aa.jpg 000000000.jpg 00000000000.jpg
    Lets see what we are looking at :

    Title: Cossack Warrior

    Scale: 200mm

    Reference: 20-002

    Material: Gray resin

    No of parts: 17

    Sculptor: Markus Eckmann

    Casting: Markus Eckmann

    Box Art: N/A

    As with the previous release of the Highlander parts were in a good strong box , with a uncoloured picture on the top , parts were in between foam with particular attention being paid to the sword it being safely held in a cutout in the middle of a foam piece .....nice bit of thinking there from Markus.
    cossack 001.jpg
    Parts consist of main torso , left arm , head , cap , right epaulette, head wear , dagger, section of scabbard for sword , sword ( with right hand ) , 7 pieces for the belt attachments , 2 pieces of the moustache , no base is included .
    cossack 002.jpg


    Torso...slight sanding underneath , casting line to remove on left arm

    Right Arm...Dryfit to shoulder and fit in place a small amount of filler is needed

    Head...Sanding on top and rear , small smidgeon of filler needed when fitting to collar

    Headwear ....Infill the inside edge when head in place

    Dagger ...slight sanding on handle and fit

    Scabbard ....Sanding on sides to remove casting line

    Epaulette...Sanding away excess resin on edge and fit

    Sword with Hand....Sand around general test fit hand to cuff and pin

    Belt pieces/Moustache ends... Remove from former and remove flashing and fit

    General comments

    Markus has worked on the pieces particularly the torso so avoiding excess prep

    There is a pin hole underneath ready to drill to fit a post into .

    The moustache ends are small so be careful!!!

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets look at the parts themselves

    In this part I will look at the main torso , head and arm

    Main Torso

    This is sculpted straight on wearing the distinctive Cossack clothing of cherkesska and undershirt , with the "cigars" or Cazirij on each side of the front , there is an epaulette cast on the left shoulder..

    The clothing shows good movement of the cloth in relation to the pose of the bust itself , folds are soft and well formed , good work on the arms/shoulder as well , the left being only the upper arm cut above the elbow.

    The work on the cigars is really good well cast with the lids themselves having nice detail work on them

    The epaulette is a really sharply sculpted area , these were more dominant prior to WW1 and then as a wartime measure were often then sewn to the shoulders , the details of the material is excellent with the rank stars being very well done and not out of shape , the right shoulder is flattened ready to receive the epaulette will look proud but is correct .

    Around the waist there is the belt or Onik again great details of the buckles and decorations

    cossack 003.jpg

    cossack 004.jpg cossack 005.jpg cossack 006.jpg cossack 007.jpg cossack 008.jpg cossack 009.jpg
    cossack 010.jpg
    cossack 011.jpg


    This is full of expressive features from the furrowed brow , the really well sculpted eye details , with creases at the sides the jowls , the nose has sharp details both in shape and in form of the nostrils , under this is 2 small cutouts ready for the moustache ends, the mouth is wide open shouting in anger , excellent details with good sharp definition of both upper and lower teethe , the tongue is down in the mouth ....a joy to paint .

    The head has no hair sculpted as these warriors were often clean shaven on the head , the majority of the head is hidden when the cap is in position, fit to the collar will need a bit of filler IMO

    cossack 012.jpg

    cossack 015.jpg cossack 014.jpg cossack 013.jpg

    Right Arm

    This is sculpted again with good folds being held high at the shoulder in a downward sweeping movement , very action packed and only seconds away from making contact with the enemy.

    The cuff details are good with the undershirt being shown , you might wish to open up the cuff a little to take the sword hand.

    Fit will need filler but looks good when in position I would suggest dryfitting and then painting the torso and then fit the arm

    . cossack 018.jpg cossack 017.jpg cossack 016.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  4. Nap Forum Moderator

    On to the remaining pieces now

    Fur Cap

    This cap (Papacha or Kubanka) is very full in size , excellent textures all over the furs is well represented , a lot of work painting this to bring out the definition but worth every second at the bench , I will be using washes as well , on the top we have the cross , very sharply defined , the inside is hollowed out ready to take the head , which fits easily into place ( you kight wish to fill around for a more natural look.

    cossack 019.jpg cossack 021.jpg cossack 020.jpg

    Right Epaulette

    Cast separately with great details all matching the cast on one , it looks proud as I said but this is correct for pre WW1 especially , fit is simple with the shoulder having a flattened area which this sits on.

    cossack 030.jpg


    This is another area where the sculpting is very much evident , well shaped as per references , there is good fine details on the scabbard itself , the handle is shaped as we have seen , fit is simple by means of a small lug of resin ..I would suggest pin it for extra security .

    cossack 028.jpg cossack 027.jpg cossack 029.jpg


    The sword or Shaschka is a wonderful shape and for once something so delicate has been carefully packed safely ...others should take note here , if there is a slight bend then either rubbing it between the warmth of the fingers or a hairdryer heat will easily sort that out., there is a "blood" channel running the length of the blade , again nicely sculpted..

    cossack 022.jpg

    The hand grips the handle securely and tightly the decorated end showing , the finger didgits are well sculpted and actually gripping correctly , nice work on the fingernails as well.

    cossack 024.jpg cossack 025.jpg cossack 023.jpg
    I would certainly say pin this in place for that additional peace of mind ...when in place the piece comes alive.!

    The scabbard is the top part only again nicely decorated with the opening for the sword to fit back into being sculpted ..a little but important feature.

    cossack 026.jpg

    Belt and Moustache ends

    The belt ends are delicate and very well worked again with nice decoration ...remember these items were handed down so are worn with pride , fit is easy sitting well into cutouts

    The moustache ends are upturned and adds a certain something to the face , fits again is easy into cutouts below the nose ...but be careful of the carpet monster!!!( these are the 2 pieces on the right of the picture )

    cossack 031.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    An action packed piece well thought out and sculpted originally from an idea by Martin Rohmann and taken up by his friend Markus at Scorpio Models , a well cast piece , prep is minimal but just think the order you are painting it in, with lots of painting options as well


    For more information contact Markus either via a message on PF ...

    or by e mail to:


    Thanks to Scorpio for the review piece and to you all for looking in

    Happy Modelling

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  5. Nap Forum Moderator

  6. clrsgt A Fixture

    Great review and thanks for the additional references and painting variations. I have this one on my to do list, so your review and Martin's SBS will go into my workbook for this bust.
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  7. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Thank you for yet another outstanding review! This looks like an exceptional kit
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  8. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Nap:).
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  9. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the comments glad you liked it , its a great bit of resin and I am looking forward to doing something different with mine !!!

    Good to have you all looking in

  10. Barrie Harris Active Member

    Interesting bust , outstanding review . Like the Red Cossack being,my choice .
    Keep up the good work Nap .

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