Review Brokentoad Paintbrushes (are they as good as series 7?)

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Mark Dollery, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Mark Dollery Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys, I got a bit more information on the Brokentoad paintbrushes & also their pigments.
    I contacted Brokentoad by email & was surprised to find that Kris of Broken toad is a local lad who lives a couple of miles from me. A couple of emails later & I found myself on the way to his premises. It turned out we had some common ground with the local gaming club & also some associated with my son & friends.
    On speaking to Kris, I did ask (the question on everyone’s mind!) why ‘Broken Toad’ & his reply was ‘it’s a talking point & will get us noticed’ & he’s right, it does.
    Kris is a commercial miniature painter in the 28mm range & needed a good paintbrush that will do the job at the right price, the right quality & is durable. Kris has gone one step further & done this after researching his requirements & has got a renown paint brush manufacturer to make the paint brushes to his specifications & decided then to release them under his own branding.
    Kris also has some good business ethics as I feel meeting people face to face gives you an impression of a person & I can honestly say, Kris has some important standards which he wants to pass onto his customers. (This extends to actually hand conditioning of each brush before he dispatches them to ensure that the brush reaches the customer in the best condition!) & also Kris is conscious of using sustainable components to construct his paint brushes & the environmental impact.
    After a cup of coffee & a good conversation, I took my leave with a set of paint brushes & some weathering pigments & as it was the my Club meeting, I took the paint brushes along with some acrylic paint for some other opinions of figure painters within the club.
    I will not bore you with the setup & painting but sufficient to say, they were a hit with the guys & the first two standards for Kris were met. Quality & cost!
    The paintbrushes are able to hold a good volume of paint within the bulk of the brush body near the ferrule & with a fine tapered point which can release the paint with excellent control of the flow with the length of the bristles being good for me. I could feel the control I needed to deposit the paint. After each paint session with the lads, the paintbrushes were cleaned & rinsed & checked for any tip curling or damage. I was pleased to see that they had come through unscathed.
    The paintbrushes passed their first baptism of fire with flying colours to a point where an order went out to Kris for a few sets & that some also came from the Armour / Aircraft lads who use any old hairy sticks! Testament indeed!
    So two standards down & one to go, so a road test on the paintbrushes durability is my next test on my next run of figures & busts & also some trialling of the pigments, I will report back on the results.

    Mark D ;)
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  2. Tommys War A Fixture

    Interesting Mark! ;)

    I ordered a set a couple of weeks ago and they came through quickly, really well packed with a nice note explaining how best to keep the brushes. Me being me (time poor) I haven't used them yet, but my first impression is very favourable.

    I'll be interested to see how the serious painters get on (I could use a fence panel brush at my level) :)
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  3. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Hi Mark ,

    An interesting thread , good to know about Kris's ethics and obvious dedication.

    Look forward to seeing more on these ....As for my order...I had an email apologising for the delay to my order due to immense demand .....good customer service for the renowned rush manufacturer I reckon we might gather who that is !...great to know the care that is being taken by Kris.

    Looking at the various comments W & N could have a serious challenge here...maybe they will reduce their prices to the same as Broken Toads........maybe not !!!!!

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  4. Ray Welshman Active Member

    I think I will be ordering a set maybe two. It may take a bit of time as the order needs to come to Western Canada.


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  5. brian A Fixture

    Oh yee of little faith!!!!! Here's my original thread regarding these brushes, followed up by a couple more ongoing reviews
    A Fixture
    "Just thought i'd give all you lads a heads up of a new brush brand i've been trying out.I've always used W&N Series 7 brushes and have tried quite a few different brushes over the many years i've been in this hobby,but nothing really came close to the Series 7,until now.
    I came about a site, Artisan Quarters, while browsing and spotted that they sold 3 sizes of Kolinsky sable brushes,0,1,2 so i sent an order just for the number 1 as it's my favourite size and i've been using it daily for about a couple of weeks and i can safely say i've finally found a brush the equal of Series7, and depending how long it lasts could even be better than the series 7 brushes.
    The hairs are slightly longer and slimmer than the series 7 and has a point like a needle.I use oils and of course thinners and this brush passed with flying colours.
    I've just ordered their no2 and 0 and another size 1 today and i don't part with my money easily,so i have high expectations of these brushes.
    Big plus £4.50p per brush (all sizes)"
    I've been in this game for many many moons(too many) and you name the brush, and i've tried it, and only series 7 met my needs, until i spotted these Broken Toad brushes. So i gave them a try and voila after about 3 weeks of daily use they're holding up well and i've ordered more.
    I've never recommended a product before,so the above original post, which led to the brush selling out,should have been enough for anyone to try them out and at £4 it was a bargain for a blending brush if it didn't meet your requirements.Another wee tip,if you buy series 7 W&N Miniatures they wear out rapidly but make a great blending brush for oils, although be it a very expensive blending brush.
    "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"
  6. Mark Dollery Well-Known Member

    Nice one Brian, I will admit I missed this thread or else I would have tried these earlier. (y)
    it is still early days for me on these paint brushes but good to hear from someone who has been using them for a while. :)
    So, let's see how they perform & how long they will last me with my heavy handed style...:facepalm:
    Mark D ;)
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  7. Dennis Active Member

    Well done Mark & Brian for bringing these brushes to our notice, I believe Jon of Sphere stock these brushes, if that is the case I will have a look at them at Figure World.
  8. JonP PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have just received some Broken Toad brushes and pigments from Kris (y) so I will be bringing them to Figureworld with me :)
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  9. Dennis Active Member

    Thanks Jon, I will be OK if I don't look into your eyes!!! See you tomorrow.
  10. JonG Member

    Silly question, but are these made by Rosemary+Co?...because if so, I want them :happy:
    The font of the writing on the side looks like the one they use.
    Sorry if this isn't something that is mean't to be known/said out loud.

  11. yeo_64 Active Member

    I have to totally agree with the comments about Kris's business ethics. I had placed my email order with Kris and received the items (pigments and brush) within a week or so (I live in Singapore) in an excellent condition (y)(y)(y)! Haven't had a chance to try out the items yet, but, with all the positive comments here, I am pretty sure that they will be perfect for my modelling needs :LOL:.
    Kudos to Kris on introducing these products to us here on the "planet" :D. Cheers!
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  12. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Hi guys ,

    Came back from FW to a large box .....with my brushes and some paints which I will also be trying .

    I have to say the presentation and packing was 1st class

    Hope they do some more sizes as well in their brushes

    Kudos indeed to Kris

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