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    We are lucky in this resin filled world of ours in that we have companies that specialise in a particular period one of these is run by Darren , a man who has a passion for WW1.

    The company is of course

    The subject of this article being


    The release was announced here and in social media

    The New Zealand Expeditionary Force was brought together in a mass wave of patriotism and want to "do their bit" . Units were formed from troops all coming together to form Regts amongst them was the 5th , in that was the troop from the town of Otago ....calling themselves the Otago Hussars.

    Lets have a bit of info on these brave men:

    The Otago Mounted Rifles saw plenty of action, from the South African (Boer) War to Egypt, Gallipoli, France and Belgium during World War 1, and while serving in other units of both 2 and 3 New Zealand Divisions in World War 2.
    In addition, thousands of Otago men and horses have served with various units of the regiment in peacetime - from volunteer to territorial forces.
    In January 1942, the regiment was converted to a light armoured fighting vehicle role. The regiment saw post-war service as the 5th Light Armoured Fighting Vehicle Regiment through to 1956, when it was placed in recess.
    Around 1941 they sent the horses home; they were used for home defence. By the end of 1942, horses were more valuable for the war effort in assisting in food production,
    All the infantry and mechanised brigades active overseas were all eventually disbanded and gazetted out in the years following World War 2. The Otago Mounted Rifles were only one part of the Otago-Southland military district. I suppose the inheritor of all that is the 4th Otago-Southland Division."
    Even before their horses were retired, the OMR did not always survey the field from the saddle.
    At Gallipoli, they landed and fought as infantrymen, while the horses stayed behind in Egypt with a contingent of farriers and the men went on as infantrymen in dribs and drabs from mid-May 1915,
    After Gallipoli, the survivors from the Otago Mounted Rifles were joined by other mounted reinforcements in the Sinai desert where the regiment was reduced and the surplus strength broken up and then marched into either the new Pioneer Battalion, the NZ Field Artillery, or made to be infantrymen in the re-formed Otago Regiment.
    They were drafted - bang. The NZ Army, in those days, never matched your skill with the job. They didn't assess people.

    Personalities of the Otago Mounted Rifles

    Trooper Mackay was one of 50 selected from the regiment for duty as the bodyguard for Gallipoli expedition leader General Sir Ian Hamilton.
    The OMR bodyguard accompanied Hamilton aboard the new battleship Queen Elizabeth and witnessed the landings at Anzac.
    Sergeant R. C. "Dick" Travis (VC, DCM, MM), the assumed name of Dick Savage from Opotiki, who joined the 7th (Southland) Squadron of Otago Mounted Rifles in August 1914, and forged a reputation as a sniper, scout and trench raider on Gallipoli and in France and Belgium.
    Dubbed the "King of No Man's Land", he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his single-handed capture of a German position at Rossignol Wood in July 1918.
    Major-General Sir Alfred W. Robin (KCMG, CB), who commanded the 1st New Zealand Contingent to South Africa in 1899, returning a national hero, and who later became Commandant of New Zealand's Military Forces, and the Acting Administrator of Western Samoa.
    Colonel Joseph Cowie Nichols (CBE), who first joined the Otago Hussars in 1886, and who later went on to command both the Otago Mounted Rifles Brigade and the Otago Military District during World War 1. The coat of arms of Col Nichols forms the centre of the badge of the 5th Mounted Rifles (Otago Hussars).
    Brigadier James Hargest, (CBE, DSO/2 Bars, MC), who embarked with the Otago Mounted Rifles in 1914, served with distinction throughout World War 1, and enjoyed a successful career in national politics before assuming command of the 5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd New Zealand Division.
    He commanded the brigade in the United Kingdom, Crete and North Africa, before being captured in 1941.
    In 1943 he made a successful escape from an Italian prisoner of war camp, and landed with the 50th (Northumbrian) Division in Normandy on June 6, 1944, before being killed in action in August 1944.
    0aaa.jpg 0000a.JPG 0aa.jpg 0a.jpg
    Above: on the right we have a Otago trooper with his cousin
    Books are available here is a good starting point :
    Continued in next post

  2. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looking good Nap, waiting with bated breath............
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  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets open the box:

    Details of the release

    Title: Trooper 5th Mounted Rifles ( Otago Hussars)

    Reference: TW10B06

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material : Gray Resin

    No of parts: 2

    Sculptor: Antonio Messegeur

    Box art: Alex Varela

    The resin was packed safely between 2 foam sheets all held in a simple but effEctive cardbOArd box with a picture of the completed model on the top ...its quite a overall striking presentation IMO
    Tommy Otago 001.jpg
    Parts are not many , just 2 so I wasn't expecting much prep , these parts consist of the main torso and the headwear , no base is included.
    Tommy Otago 003.jpg
    The sculpting style is keeping in line with the other releases from TW in the bust series as being a classic bust , no arms just the upper torso and head .


    After looking all over with my optivisor I can confirm there was not a blemish on the main resin , super smooth , the lower part is levelled to take a base ( I will use a brass rod) , there was a slight bit of flashing on the underside , this came away in my fingers !!!

    Prep is easy remove the casting blocks fro the lower torso and the headwear ( this reached underneath the brim so care and sanding is recommended here .

    When fitting the headwear you might wish to run a fine line of filler on the underside where it meets the head.

    The Torso

    Our trooper has his head looking to his left , looking straight ahead with determination , the sculpting is as I expected excellent really nice features , a well defined nose and facial features , hair is cut short peeking out from under the headwear, with the texture being very well done , the hair is swept back a little.

    Tommy Otago 002.jpg
    Around his chin we have a strap sharp in definition.

    One thing that is noticeable with the sculpt and therefore the very good casting quality is the cleanness of the undercuts no matter if its round the collar , the straps , epaulettes , pockets or the bandolier ...all very sharply done

    Buttons are well worked as is the join in between the collar all good to see , Antonuio has sculpted the actual pocket flaps in full which I like the effect of this.

    Across his chest we have the bandolier with each pouch being held down ( I think I might have one open when I have it on the bench ) , all pouches are full with a couple of scratches on a couple ...this item gives a wide scope to show wear and tear ( have a look at Ales's painting later on )

    Details include the collar badge of the shield with the scroll underneath , nicely done , on the epaulettes we have the 5 and NZMR all raised up making painting easier

    Tommy Otago 010.jpg Tommy Otago 009.jpg Tommy Otago 008.jpg Tommy Otago 007.jpg Tommy Otago 006.jpg Tommy Otago 005.jpg Tommy Otago 011.jpg Tommy Otago 004.jpg Tommy Otago 012.jpg
    That's the torso , simple in style and well sculpted and cast to the same high quality as the previous releases in TW bust series.

    The Headwear

    This is the wide brimmed felt cap , so popular that all units were issued it , turned up on the left , the shape is really good with the body having the fore and aft fold , the brim is held up with a lions head hook Tommy Otago 017.jpg with the puggaree having the 3 sections , the centre one being the unit ID colour in the Otago Hussar's case , again this band is sharply defined .
    Tommy Otago 014.jpg Tommy Otago 015.jpg Tommy Otago 016.jpg
    Tommy Otago 013.jpg

    Fit to the head is good but as said you might want to ru a smidgeon of filler.around the underside..dryfit it first to check.
    On the front we have the unit badge itself again a good shape , helping the painting .

    There you have it the latest from Tommy's War

    Final Thoughts

    Another really nice addition to the TW range , well sculpted and cast , plenty of potential for conversions as well , in a classic bust style which is pleasing to look at and model with .
    I for one always look forward to the bust releases from TW so here's to more , maybe a combatant from one of the other participants in the war ...whatever it is I will be in line for one .

    Highly recommended

    Lets enjoy the superb box art from word ...INSPIRATIONAL


    For more information and to order

    Contact at the website:

    Oh and don't forget there is also the TW collectors club where you can get even more discount on the products , you will also find details on the website ......well worth a look at .

    Thanks to 00a.jpg for the Review model

    ........and for you all for looking in

    Happy modelling

  4. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Good write up Kev on our lads & have him for future project.
    One point you missed is that the Otagos were only Mounted Unit to go on to serve on the Western Front.
    They were involved there in one of last cavalry charges at Messines in June 1917.

    This bust is based on plate from the reference you shared - "NZ in 1914, Figure 3"
    Antonio, Alex & Darren have done a great job at catching a young ANZAC.
    Thanks and sharing the story of our countrymen.

    Stay Safe,
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  5. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Nap:).
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  6. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Mike thanks for posting and for the additional information as you rightly say they were the only mounted unit to go on to serve on the Western Front being in the last cavalry charges at Messines in June 1917

    A great sculpt of a young Anzac .

    Thanks mate appreciate your posting

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  7. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    I see the biscuits have made an appearance again. Great review Nap and excellent reference.
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  8. Nap Forum Moderator


    Hi Bob

    Indeed............ new year new biscuits

    glad you like the review

    Happy modelling

  9. tock24 Active Member

    Good figure, good review! Interesting picture of them on parade. with hats on their shoulders!
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