4th Australian Light Horse

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by alamac, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. alamac Well-Known Member

    Morning all
    Thought i'd share my next project with you , it's 1/6 scale cold cast bronze from naked-army of an Australian Light Horseman during the latter stages of WW1in the middle east. It is a beautifully sculpted and with all naked-army figures superbly detailed and historically correct
    It is a commision piece , but i would like to share my painting of it with you.
    The original sculpt didn't have colour patches so i've used some putty and made some up.
    I will begin undercoating this weekend then begin painting .
    Hope you like it as we journey along to completion.

    20170406_103934.jpg 20170406_104258.jpg 20170406_104242.jpg 20170406_104225.jpg
  2. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Al,

    Those Naked Army figures are wonderful. Just remember the 4th LH Regiment was one of the regiments that didn't wear the emu plume during the Great War.

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  3. alamac Well-Known Member

    Thanks Chris
    I 'll have to let the gentleman that i'm painting this for know that piece of information
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  4. chailey Active Member

    Looking forward to seeing how this develops, it's an impressive looking figure.

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  5. Tony Dawe PlanetFigure Supporter

    It's a superb sculpt Al and I know you'll do a brilliant job on it.
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  6. Borek Well-Known Member

    Whoah .... 1/6? Gigantic scale. It gives space for detailed painting however. I am very curious about this project. Good luck and have fun while painting :)

    Cheers Borek
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  7. alamac Well-Known Member

    Finally got a start on this one, took me a little while to convince the gentleman i'm paInting thIs for to let me remove the emu plumes from the slouch hat to be historically correct for the 4th ALH , finally got the ok so have taken them off , undercoated the piece and laid the base for the flesh and begun the eyes
    Thanks for looking

    20170421_160402.jpg 20170421_153043.jpg 20170421_160506.jpg
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  8. Macca G Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to this one Al. Seriously been tempted to have a go at this chap
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  9. Tony Dawe PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well done mate. Historical accuracy is so important when it comes to these types of projects. Glad you were able to convince your client to remove the Kangaroo feathers
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  10. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well done in convincing your client Al, although I suspect he was somewhat reluctant to do so. He must have some special attachment to the 4th Light Horse Regiment.

    I agree with Tony - if it is to carry the 4th's colour patch then it must be sans plume. Too often we see the 4th portrayed with emu plumes (e.g. in The Lighthorsmen, the light horse statue with the 4 ALH patch at Beersheba, etc) when a quick check on the AWM site would show they didn't wear them.

    This looking good, and I am sure your client will be delighted with the finished product - even without the plumes.

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  11. alamac Well-Known Member

    Tony and Chris
    Thankyou gents for your comments, Chris he was very reluctant for me to remove them , like a lot of people he thought all ALH units wore them, hopefully he'll be happy with the finished product
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  12. alamac Well-Known Member

    I hope you do decide to paint one as well, look forward to seeing your version , i may do one for myself in the future as well.
    Hopefully you can see this one in person before i have to send him off to his new home
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  13. alamac Well-Known Member

    Morning all
    A little more progress , started on the slouch hat added a little texture with a small amount of JoSonja texture paste added to my khaki mix ( joSonja burnt umber , raw sienna , jade with a little warm white mixed with a little raw sienna as highlight , the rising sun badge is done in JoSonja burnt umber i will add a black wash shortly to give it a little more depth
    Thanks for looking , all comments and criticisms welcome

    20170423_115204.jpg 20170423_115230.jpg
  14. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looking very good Al. Just wondering if the khaki could be a little greener in its shade. The braid around the hat is spot on.

    You have done a nice job in removing the plumes and inserting the eyelets in lieu. This will be a beauty when you have have finished. Already envious of your client.

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  15. alamac Well-Known Member

    A slightly greener wash on the slouch hat.

    20170424_102227.jpg 20170424_102303.jpg
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  16. napoleonpeart Forum Moderator

    Hi there Al

    Looking good mate like the slouch cap colour ....better a little greener

    Like the way the badge has been done will you add a wash of satin varnish as well as the black ?

    Following with interest

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  17. alamac Well-Known Member

    Hi Nap
    Yes i will but that will be done later when i've added highlights on the hat etc
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  18. alamac Well-Known Member

    Blocking in the leather, i will slowly work up the leatger o er the next week

    20170424_114050.jpg 20170424_114030.jpg
  19. peedee PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great stuff so nice to see.

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  20. clrsgt A Fixture

    Off to a great start. I like the texturing effect on the hat. Will be following. What did you use for the green wash?
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